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Frequently asked Questions

These questions might have been asked frequently if I hadn't answered them here ;-)

Why does this site exist?

Because I wanted it.

There is a small renaissance of having your own, personal website, independent of the large corporate entities. A place for your thoughts and ideas that you own and control. It's sometimes called the IndieWeb or SmolNet - back in my day it was just having a homepage.

I love reading text written by real people. Texts that don't want to sell something. But how can you discover texts you can't search for because you don't know they exist?

That's where this page comes in. Click a button, be surprised and maybe discover your new favorite thing.

What are the sources?

I initially seeded the database with personal websites from the following sources:

To further grow it, you can suggest your own or a friend's personal site (as long as it has an RSS feed): Suggest a page.

How many blogs and posts are in the database?

Here are the current statistics:

Currently only recent posts (published within the last six months) are used when picking a random post. Below is a visualization of the number of recent posts per week.

W32: 686 posts
W33: 1153 posts
W34: 1122 posts
W35: 1192 posts
W36: 1128 posts
W37: 1150 posts
W38: 1201 posts
W39: 1221 posts
W40: 1228 posts
W41: 1234 posts
W42: 1211 posts
W43: 1174 posts
W44: 1348 posts
W45: 1365 posts
W46: 1419 posts
W47: 1303 posts
W48: 1542 posts
W49: 1411 posts
W50: 1493 posts
W51: 1407 posts
W52: 1388 posts
W00: 296 posts
W01: 1805 posts
W02: 1717 posts
W03: 1572 posts
W04: 1596 posts
W05: 1539 posts
Can I have the data?

Sure, you can download the list of blog URLs as JSON here:

Download JSON

Broken Links, Spam, etc.

People abandon or sell their domains. Things break. Sites get hacked.

If you were sent to a broken site, please let me know at Be sure to include the ID shown under each visited link on the front page - it helps me to identify the broken URLs.

Please also let me know if you come across things that don't fit the spirit of personal webpages. Things like YouTube channels, corporate blogs, etc. should not be in the index but might have slipped through in the initial setup.

Are there any alternatives?

There are other attempts at making the indieweb discoverable.

What tech does this run on?

This is a very simple, custom PHP application standing on the shoulders of giants:

The rest is just glue code. You can see it all on Github.